Co-Parents’ Handbook, excellent resource for divorcing parents

My Colleagues, Karen Bonnell and Kristin Little have written this excellent rescource for parents who are divorcing or separating.

If you have kids and are divorcing PLEASE read this book…I cannot recommend it highly enough. Karen Bonnell is a highly skilled co-parenting counselor and understands what a challenging time divorce can be for parents like no one else can. With this book, she walks the reader through the stages and transitions in an easily understandable way. It often seems unthinkable for angry/hurt parents to move through the place of pain for the benefit of the children but Karen’s book shows it can be done.

I especially enjoyed reading the chapter “New Partner’s in your Children’s Lives.” Karen’s frankness about attraction vs. love and information on brain chemistry is something a lot of people might not hear otherwise. There are multiple helpful kernels in this chapter!
I admire Karen’s work greatly and wish every counselor/therapist/attorney would make this book required reading for their divorcing clients.

As a grown up child of divorce, with parents who had no co-parenting skills, I can tell you from personal experience that if the parents do not learn to co-parent your children’s lives will forever be altered. I wish this “manual” on co-parenting was written much sooner!

I wish there was a book like this when my parents divorced.

Here is a link to Karen and Kristin’s book:


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